Yoga Sessions

Personalised and Private Sessions

Group Sessions

Sessions run for 90 minutes at £15 per session
Sessions begin with relaxation connecting mind to body through the breath
Warm Ups
Sun Salutations - lengthen and strengthen, flex and extend many of the main muscles of the body
Series of warriors
Series of Balances
Series of forward bends
Final Savasava (Relaxation with sound bath with authentic tibetan singing bowls)

Current Sessions


8:30am - 9:30am (face to face meditation session outside)
5:30pm - 7:00pm (face to face group yoga session)


7:30am - 8:30am (face to face meditation session outside)
10:00am - 11:30am (face to face beginners group yoga session)
12:00pm - 1:30pm (one to one personalised yoga session)
2:00pm - 3:30pm (one to one personalised yoga session)


Wednesday - 7:30am - 8:30am (face to face meditation session outside)


9:00am - 10:30am (face to face group yoga session)
11:00am - 12:30pm (private group yoga session)
1:30pm - 3:30pm (face to face personalised yoga session)

Friday - Sunday


Personalised and Private Sessions

Personalised and private sessions with programs specifically to suit individual needs and preferences.

Your unique program can be delivered in the comfort of your own home, or at the yoga studio and can take place indoors or outdoors dependent on the weather.

Prices start from £45

Meditation Sessions NEW

Yoga For All’s Meditation Sessions aim to increase physical and mental wellbeing, bring a calm and peaceful mindset, increase your self-development and be a way of coping with a busy life and stress

Benefits and Value of Meditation


Reduces heart risks
Decreases pain
Eases inflammation
Leads to deep relaxation
Reduces anxiety attacks
Reduces blood pressure
Enhances the immune system
Increases vitality and vigour
Increases clarity of thought
Relaxes the nervous system
Boost the immune system which fights disease and aids good health
Can reduce biological age by 5 – 10 years

Spiritual / Personal / Psychological:

Helps build self-confidence
Increases serotonin levels – helps mood and behaviour
Helps master fearful thoughts
Improves memory and learning
Develops intuition and creativity
Reduces negative addictive habits
Increases empathy, compassion and emotional intelligence
Develops patients and tolerance
Develops present moment thinking, and gratitude
Increases presence and awareness
Develops truer understanding f self and self-knowledge
Increases feelings of peace and happiness / contentment
Reduces stress, anxiety depression and anger
Subdues automatic ego
Psychologically healing
Improves concentration
Increases relationship satisfaction

The Meditation Sessions

Weekly group progressive course of twelve 1-hour sessions

Class syllabus includes:
mindfulness meditation;
concentration meditation;
transcendental meditation with tibetan singing bowls (stilling the mind by focusing on the space between thoughts)

Informative and experiential – with guided meditation exercises

See Session page for times

Can offer private sessions, one-off taster sessions and one-off workshops

Workshops run for 3 hours

Can offer live zoom sessions during lockdown, or if generally preferred

The Venue

Set on a hillside in a picturesque valley with beautiful views

Private rural venue with indoor and outdoor options

The Facilitator

Qualified Yoga Teacher with further study in Meditation – Diploma in Meditation and Diploma in Teaching Meditation. Helen is a committed and consistent meditator and mainly practices mindfulness meditation, concentration meditation, transcendental meditation and meditation on the chakra energy systems.


£10 per group session paid in 2x 6 week blocks

Private 3-hour workshop £60

Yoga & Wellbeing Retreats

Liz, Pam and Helen are offering a transformational retreat
in the heart of the Peak District set on a tranquil hillside with spectacular views

2nd to 5th June 2022

Nurturing Hands - Warm Hearts - Wellbeing Retreats

Download the info sheet click here

The theme throughout the retreat is self-compassion

Our nurturing, relaxing though energizing retreat Includes:

  • Meditation – a skills for life compassion meditation programme
  • Morning and evening yoga
  • Connecting with self through horses (Thursday, Friday and Sunday)
  • Reiki Certificate Level 1 or Level 2 (Saturday)
  • Authentic Tibetan singing bowl sound baths
  • Tailored essential oils blend formulated for healing
  • Vegan and gluten free nourishing meals

Accommodation onsite, single / double rooms, shared shower, drink making facilities, rustic in style set in rolling hillside landscape, a way to unwind and connect with nature. Accommodation is eco-friendly and where possible building has been renovated using recycled, pre-loved and ethically sourced materials.

Renewable energy supply – 12 V only, no wifi, completely off grid, a true retreat.

Brand new yoga studio cladded with recycled, pre-loved and ethically sourced materials where possible

Full package all-inclusive guests Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June 2022 - Your investment - £500

Day Guests Saturday 4th to Sunday 5th June 2022 – Your investment - £150 for Saturday : £100 for Sunday : £250 for both days

Amazing Offers for Day Guests!

Join us on our retreat in the heart of the Peak District: Peaceful location with amazing views, choose from one or two of the following, or book all three with 10% off


Morning meditation and energising yoga

Healthy light breakfast

Connecting with Self Through Horses

Nourishing lunch

9am to 3pm

Only £75


Morning energizing yoga

Healthy light breakfast

Reiki certificate Level 1 or 2 with Reiki Master Pam Harrison

Nourishing lunch

9am to 3pm

Only £90


Morning meditation and energising yoga

Healthy light breakfast

Connecting to self Through Horses

Nourishing Lunch

9am to 3pm

Only £75

For more information and to book please contact us here
Wellbeing Retreats
Wellbeing Retreats
Wellbeing Retreats
Wellbeing Retreats
Wellbeing Retreats
Wellbeing Retreats
Wellbeing Retreats
Wellbeing Retreats
Horse Powers

Connecting to Self Through Horses

Equine Assisted Inner Yoga

Aims of Connecting to Self Through Horses?

We are offering a unique and dynamic way for connecting to inner self. Most of us are acquainted with yoga from a physical aspect through asanas, developing and maintaining flexibility strength, balance and overall physical wellbeing.

The heart of yoga and the ancient vedantic tradition is to get to know ourself and to focus on personal development.

Connecting to self through horses offers a direct parallel / way to gently explore and complete the wider aims of yoga has to offer: developing emotional and mental wellbeing, personal development, inner peace and harmony. In summary:

  • Realising inner strengths
  • Begin to know ourselves on a deeper level
  • Becoming aware of any dissatisfactions in life
  • Developing awareness of any misperceptions of reality
  • Developing new levels of consciousness through self-realisation

What will I be Doing?

Sessions incorporate horses experientially for personal development. All the activities are ground based and there is no riding involved. No prior experience with horses is necessary, sessions are self-exploratory in nature and not horse skill based.

Guests are invited to meet the horses in their natural environment, the horses are free to choose to engage or not. Guests will be invited to carry out tasks involving the cooperation of the horses.

Horses are very sensitive to non-verbal communication, thus respond to the signals and messages conveyed by the participant in the moment and respond naturally and spontaneously. Horses take individuals at face value on any given moment.

Guests are invited to get to explore the feel of each horse the subtleties of non-verbal communication, beginning to develop a relationship with the horses.

Guests may be invited to choose an aim that they would like to work on regarding their personal or team goals, or it could be an obstacle in life that they would like to overcome. The facilitator would then set a task for the guests to work through with the horse/s.

Guests will have the opportunity to explore their experiences within the sessions and later through reflection if they wish.

The spiritual and emotional insight one can gain from a horse is indescribable. Horses are large, dynamic and powerful, which creates a natural opportunity to overcome fear and to develop confidence. Completing a task with a horse, despite any fear creates a huge sense of achievement.

Sessions are closely monitored by the facilitator focusing on physical and emotional safety.

Your Facilitators

Helen has over 15 years of experience running equine assisted growth and development sessions and is certified to do so. Helen is the founder of Horsepowers.

The co-facilitators (the horses) between them have years of experience and have supported many individuals and groups to experience life changing revelations, realisations and moments of clarity that transfer outside of the sessions to their lives.

Sessions last between 1 to 2 hours.

What do I Need to Wear?

Comfortable clothes. Strong shoes. You will be working outside and so your clothing must be right for the weather.

A Couple of Important Notes

Ground rules for the sessions will be worked out as a team. An important observation is that anything discussed in the session will stay within the group. One thing that you will need to bear in mind is that food will never be used as a treat in these sessions, and must not be brought to the sessions.

Yoga For All

Yoga for all, really means for all types of person. From current students, rock climbers, mountain bikers, runners, intermediate yoga students to total beginners. Everyone is welcome to take part in our yoga sessions.


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